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Exploit the power of video for your business

Video has an extraordinary powerful impact on customers. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. An average internet consumer watches 206 videos a month. FLIX helps businesses like yours to harness the power of video.

Custom branded videos to stand out from competition

Custom branded videos

Create professional looking videos with your brand's personality, logo and colors - stand out from competition

One-click video publishing to YouTube and Facebook

One-click video publishing

Facebookers are 39% more likely to share content and 56% more likely to give a "Like" if its a video. YouTube has over 1 Billion users and the average watchtime is growing 50% year-on-year.

Exploit the power of video for your business
Unlimited videos - whenever you need one - make one

Unlimited videos - You need one, you make one

Continued growth of social platforms like Facebook-YouTube-Twitter resulted in their rise as primary source of content discovery. Flix helps even smaller companies to meet this increased demand for videos.

Collection of free business focused video templates

Free business focused video templates

Great collection of free to use templates ranging from Customer Testimonial, Culture Showcase to Real Estate Tour, Event Highlights etc.

Fully mobile, fully automatic

Fully mobile, fully automatic

Flix works entirely on Mobile. We don't upload videos to cloud for editing, this means your video production is finished in few seconds and not hours.

Easy, fast, flexible and affordable

Flix helps startups, small companies, realtors, event management companies, and many more, to create high quality, professional looking videos. Intuitive UI and automatic editing let you produce videos in few minutes.

Video template customization

Customise video templates

Full customizable templates, add scenes, re-order, select from hand-curated background tracks, logos and graphics support.

Great quality at fraction of cost

Great quality at fraction of cost

Download finished video without FLIX branding for free in trial period; upgrade and pay only when you are comfortable.

Easy, fast, flexible and affordable
Inspire, engage and grow your customers

Inspire, engage and grow your customers

Video has an extraordinarily positive impact on consumers during the purchase life-cycle, in driving brand awareness and engagement. Flix is the only way to create branded videos content at scale.

Increase brand awareness

Increase brand awareness

With Flix it is easy to produce polished videos to influence customer's buying decision and post-purchase life cycle.

Track engagement on Facebook and YouTube

Track user engagement

Our one-click video publishing to Facebook and YouTube also help track the comprehensive analytics on how videos are performing.

Raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement and drive sales

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