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  • Features 1 fold business focused storyboard icon
  • Features 1 fold contextual editor icon
  • Features 1 fold brand cutomisation
  • Features 1 fold music library icon
Features 2 fold business

Business-Focused Storyboards

Professionally handcrafted video templates to guide you

Flix makes it easy for everyone to create videos with power of professionally drafted storyboards. Storyboards not only give you ideas for videos but also provide you a template that walk you scene by scene.

Storyboards like Client profiles, Customer testimonial etc. are designed to prompt you with questions, ignite your imagination and inspire you to make a great video.

Features 3 fold automatic contextual editor

Contextual Video Editor

Powered by - Innovative automatic algorithm video engine

Our automatic contextual editing algorithm is built on deep research, and analyzes the context in which video has been shot and then perform editing that result into right production.

The shots are merged seamlessly with transitions, effects and audio balancing so that you get the video that looks and also sounds perfect.

Contextual editing algorithm is an integral part of Flix, we are committed to making sure that we stay ahead of curve, and keep delivering only the best to our customers.

Features 5 fold icon

Brand Customisation

Customise your video with logo, watermark, or even an animation!

Great collection of fonts, colors and typography makes it very easy for creating branded videos for your business. Flix also allows you to choose from pre-designed collection of text templates and animations.

Flix also allows you to upload your logo to make it a part of Intro or outro of video. You can also watermark video with company logo. If you have an animated version of the logo, Flix supports that too.

Features 4 fold curated music

Curated Music Library

Hand-curated library of commercially licensed background music

Flix has partnered with industry leader Rumblefish to hand-curate a library of background scores. These are carefully picked soundtracks to suit your next business video.

Soundtracks are commercially licensed, videos made through Flix can be shared on YouTube, Facebook and even on your own website. Rumblefish's technology uses RADKey metadata to insert licensing information into each video.

Features 6 fold export share

Export, Share and Track

Post and track your videos on Facebook and YouTube

Download your videos anytime from mobile or web. Flix also saves a copy of your finished video, so that you can use it whenever you want.

Flix's social sharing allows to connect Facebook page or YouTube channel, once they are connected, one can instantly push videos to social media.

Track how your videos are performing, understand your audience, what they are liking and get detailed analysis.

Raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement and drive sales

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